What we do

We develop innovative VR products that are driving next-generation virtual engagement and the future of how to move in virtual reality.

Our products use cutting-edge technologies to push the limits of current VR systems and to enhance the experience virtually like not seen before. 

Virtual reality (VR) has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering users an immersive and interactive experience that can transport them to different worlds and scenarios. However, as with any new technology, there are some challenges that come with it, particularly in terms of physical discomfort and motion sickness. This is where the concept of VR legs comes into play. The demand for VR legs stems from the fact that many individuals who test VR for the first time may feel uneasy, lightheaded, or nauseous. This happens as a result of the brain receiving contradictory signals from the vestibular and visual systems. Motion sickness can be brought on by this discrepancy between what the eyes see and what the body feels.


The need for VR legs is not just limited to individual users but also has broader implications for the adoption and growth of VR technology. As VR becomes increasingly prevalent in various industries such as gaming, healthcare, education, and tourism, it is essential that users can comfortably use it without experiencing discomfort or motion sickness.


Our most recent VR Legs prototype aligns the user’s real legs with their VR Legs by utilizing their natural movement. This lessens the discomfort and enhances the immersion.